Many ventriloquists work successfully with home-brew dummies. ThrowThings Away: COMING SOON! Ventriloquist headstick; Head casting kit; Ventriloquist dummy hands; Ventriloquist dummy feet; Ventriloquist figure eyes; Ventriloquist dummy body; Paper mache. On-line catalog of professional Ventriloquist figures by Kem Poyner. Buy or build your own ventriloquist dummy for performing ventriloquism. Ventriloquist Dummy for Sprint (click on pic to see a larger version) (click on above to see a the. For our research and build, we purchased many dummies and kits from several.

You can also get a pair of Pro Ventriloquist Dummy Hands. A starting bid of only .99 on this INCREDIBLE pro vent figure from the reclusive John Osborne. This is what Barry has to say: “Hello my Name is Barry Sparke. I am the first person to have & make one of Oliver’s Traditional Ventriloquist Dummy Kits. To cater to those who want to build their own but do not have time to cast and sculpt ventriloquist dummies, there are kits sold online for.
Professional ventriloquist dummies for sale

Ventriloquist dummies - figures
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